The Grande Cypress Property Management Program:

We primarily cater to out of state clients. We service both annual and seasonal units. The key word is service.

Advertising for tenants is accomplished by both newspaper and various internet web sites. See for a sample.

Possible tenants are pre screened for credit history and criminal record using national data bases. We prepare the lease documents, collect the lease payments and issue owner payments by mail or deposit in owner's local bank.

In addition to collecting the rent, we act as the point of contact for the tenants for any of their issues regarding the leased unit. If there is a problem with an appliance or ACE etc., they contact us day, night, weekends and we will personally visit the unit, if warranted, to ascertain the problem and remedy it if it is a minor homeowner type repair. If it is more than minor homeowner type repair we will contact a professional repair person and act as the owner's representative with the owner's concurrence. If the unit is vacant for a period of time we will visit the unit on a periodic basis. We arrange for unit cleaning between unit vacancies.

The fee is 15% taken from the gross rent received. No lease, no fee. We do not charge any other fees for any other services that we perform in the lease of the unit.

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